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Conquering the Post-Goal Blues

It's been a little while since my last blog post, and in my previous one, I discussed the journey of building a solid foundation and reaching the coveted 10th prestige in the Vasa fitness app (500 check-ins) . However, lately, I find myself in a sort of limbo, feeling a sense of emptiness or unfulfillment and unsure of what my next goal should be. My current workouts are all about maintenance, I wouldn't describe it as relaxing, but more of a period of reflection. At the start of my fitness journey, I had envisioned that I’d probably be a CrossFit professional by the time I reach 500 check-ins. The reality is, I've become significantly fitter than I once was. My initial fitness goal was simple - I wanted to shed the image of the skinny kid I used to be. Now, I can confidently say that those days are behind me.

So, what's next on my journey? I'm determined to continue evolving GiorDior, whether that's in the realm of fitness or through some other endeavor.

In this blog, we'll delve deep into that post-achievement feeling of emptiness, often referred to as "the post-goal blues." This is a perfectly normal response to reaching a long-term goal and, fortunately, it's something that can be overcome. While I'm not a professional advisor, I've experienced these emotional lows a couple of times in my life, most notably when I graduated as an engineer and when I hit the milestone of 500 check-ins. Throughout this blog, I'll share some of my favorite strategies and insights to help you reignite your motivation and continue your journey towards new and exciting endeavors.

“If you are ridiculously sure you're going to reach the goal, you essentially can trick your brain into behaving like you've already reached the end. The work already seems done or like a mere formality, so dopamine starts to drop off before it otherwise would. Then, when you actually get to the finish line, it doesn't feel as satisfying.” - Wanda Thibodeaux

This article relates to what I experienced when reaching the milestone of 500 check-ins. I had unwavering confidence that I would achieve this goal at the pace I was going. In the end, I celebrated the victory prematurely, feeling overly certain about my success. To counter this, I should have set a more ambitious and engaging goal, as 500 check-ins merely represents attendance and doesn’t fully reflect the progress I’ve made throughout the journey. I've employed three effective strategies to gradually pull myself out of this sense of emptiness and into a feeling of accomplishment.

1. Pause and Reflect:

Shortly after reaching your goal, take a moment to pause and reflect. Review your journey, acknowledging the growth and valuable learning experiences you've gained. Then, apply this newfound growth and knowledge to your next endeavor. This process may take several weeks, but it's worth it. Ensure that you maintain what you've already achieved, and your next steps will naturally reveal themselves. Consider the age-old question, "What would you do if you never had to work again?"

2. Take Some Time for Yourself:

It's time to go out and do something enjoyable! After investing so much time and effort in pursuit of your goal, taking a break is essential. Maintaining a sense of balance is key to long-term happiness and motivation. Explore new interests and hobbies; there's bound to be something out there that captures your attention. A break allows your mind to reset and wander, putting you in a fresh perspective. Remember, the journey is meant to be enjoyed, so kick back and savor the relaxation for a change.

3. Mentor:

Creating this blog serves as my means of sharing my experiences with others, enabling them to potentially avoid the mistakes I've made and surpass my own achievements. When you choose to mentor others after reaching a significant goal, it becomes easier to appreciate the impact your efforts have had and the positive difference they've made in both your life and the lives of others. Leave your mark, and then repeat the process for continued growth and fulfillment.

In the journey of life, we often set ambitious goals and work tirelessly to achieve them. It's a path filled with determination, challenges, and triumphs. However, reaching these milestones can sometimes leave us feeling empty, as if we've arrived at a destination we thought would bring ultimate fulfillment, only to discover that there's more to the story.

What we've explored in this blog is that this post-goal emptiness is entirely normal. It's a sign of growth and evolution, a testament to our ever-expanding potential. The key is to not let it discourage us but instead to see it as an opportunity for transformation.

By reflecting on our achievements, learning from our experiences, and sharing our wisdom, we not only rejuvenate ourselves but also have the chance to inspire and mentor others. It's in these moments of mentoring and giving back that we truly realize the value of our accomplishments.

So, as you stand at the crossroads of your journey, having achieved your goals, remember that there's always more to explore, more to learn, and more to give. Leave your mark, rinse and repeat, as the cycle of personal growth and self-discovery is never truly complete. Embrace the blues, for they are the canvas upon which you paint your next masterpiece, and let your journey continue to unfold with even greater purpose and passion.



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