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A Year of Growth with GiorDior and Bold Aspirations for 2024

Looking back on the year, it’s easy to forget how much we’ve achieved. I think about it, and at the beginning of 2023, GiorDior was just a thought. It was an endeavor that I set out to achieve this year, and it has become the thing that I think about 24/7.

I sit here at my desk reflecting on the significance of this year and the leaps I’ve made while watching it all unravel slowly. From the little things like creating GiorDior to attaining a promotion at work, this year has been significant to my development as a creator. 2023 went by fast, but when you slow down and think, there's been a lot of change I, and I’m sure you’ve experienced. I want to write and audit my year before setting new resolutions for this upcoming 2024 year.

No question, GiorDior has been the best thing I’ve accomplished this year. From creating brand recognition to following through on my goals of posting on social media. GiorDior is not yet a big deal, but it’s allowed me to see the progress of my work throughout this year. I’ve learned to perform work that will compound as I proceed to add each month. You build a house one stud at a time. Each step of the way has been a learning opportunity that contributes to the development of my house, GiorDior. Remember, regardless if the task is simple or complex, there is more than one way to find a solution. This year, I’ve focused on the journey of finding a solution rather than criticizing myself for hitting obstacles. I’ve noticed obstacles are inevitable and I should redirect when they are revealed. I stay determined in finding a solution and have recognized there is no obstacle large enough to stop one’s determination.

As you may know, I’ve become a hardcore gym rat, and my gym journey has experienced significant results this last year. I look at photos of myself and realize the scrawny guy I used to be is someone I’ve left in the past. A lot of my motivation did not come from creating goals but rather representing GiorDior. Every time I work out, I do it for myself and the brand of GiorDior. I never thought creating a brand would give me so much motivation in going to the gym, but it’s been significant in keeping me disciplined. I count each hour in the gym as working hours towards GiorDior. If I could take one thing away from this year, creating something bigger than myself has kept me more accountable than any self-will or discipline. I start to think, human nature is wired to strive toward aspects of life that are bigger than our own. I found my why this year and now it's time to keep hammering.

In the upcoming year of 2024, I have a few goals that are going to be ambitious to achieve. First, I want to make a book for all the skinny individuals who are looking to become a more confident and stronger version of themselves. This book will be a three-month guide in beginning your fitness journey with health tips, routines, and ways to log your results. I believe once you’ve gone to the gym for three months, you have adopted the gym life and no longer need my help to maintain your progress. Also, I want to grow GiorDior into an asset, meaning my venture brings in money from different avenues. I don’t just want your money, but I want to provide you with so much value that you have no hesitations in spending your money to boastfully represent GiorDior. My goals are bold, but what’s the point in having goals that are easily attainable?

I encourage you to reflect on 2023 before you create your New Year's resolutions. It’s a community; we make the world an exceptional place one individual at a time. Good luck and a happy New Year! I’ll be back with more blogs next year, stay tuned.

With love,



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