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Losing Track of Time: A Journey to Discovering Your Passions

There are times when you check the clock and four hours have gone by, but it felt like one. I get this when I’m drunk… haha, I do, but that is not the point. There are other moments when I feel like I'm doing something right, and it's difficult to pinpoint the specific part of the endeavor that I enjoy. We all experience this in various activities such as gaming, traveling, reading, scrolling social media, pursuing a big project, hiking, etc. As you can see, some are better than others, but there's no shame; rather, there's something to be said about what makes you tick. I notice I lose track of time when I write blogs, provide useful experiences, edit videos, and enjoy the risks of building a personal brand. It’s something… Whatever it is, I’m one step closer to finding a passion and achieving a dream. At best, this could be entertainment for you.

We may not all believe in discovering a passion, but it’s a catalyst for losing track of time. Of course, this sounds cliché, but it is possible to find your passions, and they’re far from perfect. Finding a passion is like peeling an onion to its core. The only way to find a passion is to try a variety of things, eventually making your way to your core passion. When you lose track of time, take note; you may have stumbled upon a passion. Not everything has to bring you money; rather, just pure focus and the capture of the moment. We don't all have to pursue a passion, but I think most would like to find their passions. Who knows? It is entirely possible to stumble across your passions. Simply put, there's no right way to find your passions, and there's nothing wrong with seeking them out.

I’ve had this dream of becoming shredded, and I can comfortably say I have achieved that dream. What has it brought me? Lots of experience. I thought it’d be special and change my life in more aspects than it has. Sure, it’s much better than not being fit, but this is only a chapter of my life. I have achieved fitness because I lose track of time when I exercise. It’s given me profound results in relieving stress, increasing focus, and understanding the process of pursuing something for multiple years. This is going to be a lifelong process, so hunker down and find the things that make this process more bearable. Find those things that induce a flow state and make time fly; it’ll open your eyes to something bigger than yourself.

As we find our passions, we’ll have to shift our focus to pursuing that passion. I have learned to embrace change and let the passion take me to unfamiliar places. This is what makes it easy to get up in the morning. I’m excited to get uncomfortable and learn skills relevant to my life's pursuit. Change is the thrill of doing something right, whether you fail or succeed.

Why did I choose to write such a cliché blog today? For those like me, I find it difficult to live for the weekend. I know deep down that there’s more to live for. Through trial and error, I have found something that makes working hard easy: fitness and personal branding. These things make me tick and provide me with a direction for growth. You never know what message will influence you to start your own path toward fulfilling your potential. I’m not perfect; people who know me are quick to agree. The point is not to be perfect, but to enjoy the process of growing as an individual through discovering what makes you tick. The most important piece of this blog is to find the moments when you lose track of time. These time warps will allow you to work hard without the need for motivation. Stay focused. Until next time.



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