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Unveiling the Ultimate Gymwear: Get Fit and Stylish with These Top Fitness Fashion Brands!

The gym may seem like the perfect place to wear your most raggedy clothes, but what if I said you were wrong? It’s actually the last place you want to scrub. Through the times I’ve been at the gym and watching countless influencers on YouTube, I’ve realized there are specific brands that hold a certain prestige in the gym. Not all brands last forever, and I’ve noticed some have lost momentum, but we ride the wave and wait for the next hot thing. In this blog, I want to get you hip to the gym lifestyle and motivate you to look your best while working out.


When I first started working out, I needed to step up my style, which Gymshark caught my eye. I was looking for an affordable clothing line that molds streetwear into gymwear. I wanted a style that’d show off my personality and hard-earned muscles. In response, I purchased a whole week's worth of gear from Gymshark and have enjoyed every piece of clothing. One week of clothing cost me roughly $150, and a year later, I’m still wearing the same clothing. This stuff is affordable and holds up. In the past 6 months, I’ve noticed Gymshark has lost a little momentum in their hype around the brand. Other companies have simply infiltrated the market and caught the eyes of their customers. Every brand will experience peaks and valleys, which I say confidently that Gymshark is going nowhere. They will proceed to be the top clothing brand within the fitness industry due to their top-notch marketing strategy.

Bradley Martin’s Raw Gear

If you don’t know Bradley Martin, then you are for sure not hip to the fitness scene, but that's ok because that’s what I’m here for. Bradley Martin is one of the coolest influencers in my mind; he’s a good dude who rides dirt bikes and spends time partying with the iconic Nelk Boys. He’s a gym owner of the franchise Zoo Culture, and his gyms are filled with influencers, both natural and far from natural. He started Raw Gear a few years back, which has brought him his well-deserved fortune. Raw Gear brings a brawny fashion to the Gym. Most people who wear Raw Gear are the largest men in the gym. I’m talking muh fuckers who bench 400 lbs for breakfast. If you’re one of these guys, maybe you should get on the Raw Gear Team. Personally, I do not own any Raw Gear, but when I see individuals wearing it, I like the style. It’s not for us skinny individuals, but if you’re looking to make a statement, look towards Raw Gear.


There’s this up-and-coming fitness clothing brand called YoungLa. This brand recruited a number of Raw Gear's influencers and has done a great job marketing their clothing to the younger fitness market. If you’ve got a Cali vibe, then look towards YoungLa. I’ve seen a number of my friends wear YoungLa, and all of their clothing is high quality and has a great fit for those with a nice physique. My favorite pieces from the company are their tanks, which typically have an embroidered YoungLa logo and a tight polyester/cotton fit. This clothing will definitely withstand many wash cycles and will complement your closet. A part of me is looking towards purchasing YoungLa clothing because I enjoy the influencers that represent the brand.


Have you ever heard of Alo? Alo is a relatively new company that markets heavily throughout the west coast. There are a ton of female influencers that swear by this brand. The style is flashy and comes at a premium price. In fact, Alo’s clothing is priced higher than the iconic Lululemon. In my mind, only Lululemon can charge the prices that they do because we all know the quality of clothing you will receive. Even though the price is high, Alo has managed to make a statement in the fashion industry. If you wear Alo, it’s like wearing Gucci at a decent restaurant. A little overboard and flaunty, but you stylin. For those attention-seekers and fashionistas, nothing wrong with that, I’d recommend you check out Alo.

In the end, if you are looking to get in the gym, please do not scrub. You’re shooting yourself in the foot. Check out some of the brands I’ve mentioned as they are at the top of the market. Trust me, you will get looks and people will appreciate your fashion. I’ve been working on GiorDior clothing, which the goal is to bring fashionable workout gear to you. I want quality over quantity. It’s taken me since January to find blanks that will satisfy your workout needs. I promise, GiorDior will be fashionable and, most importantly, durable. This clothing will last you years and make you feel good about what you and the company represent. So, when will you be able to purchase GiorDior? Good question, but I’m hoping sometime in November or December this year. Believe me, you will hear about it. We will represent a community who embraces the fitness grind and strives toward a fruitful future. As always, thanks so much for making it this far in the blog. Taking the time to write to you has been a great pleasure, and I hope you took something away from this blog. Don’t forget to ride the wave and update your closet.

Yours Truly,



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