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I Just Hit 250 Check-Ins

Well… You read it in the title. I’m proud to finally join the 250 Check-Ins club. This is the final step in assessing my goal of reaching 300 total check-Ins.

It all began in January of 2021, where I was looking for a hobby as a recent graduate. This time was tough for me, looking for a purpose, a career, and creating something interesting about myself. Little did I know, this was going to be a multi-year endeavor and a hobby that I can not live without. Initially, my motivations came from ridding myself of the scrawny and low self esteem demon that was hovering over me influencing me to make decisions that I felt were out of my control. I was simply depressed and felt lost in this life that I thought was fully in my hands.

I signed up at our local gym with a decent amount of experience lifting and being active throughout my high-school and college days. I knew sports were my outlet and I no longer had this, so I figured lifting was a step in the right direction. I entered with no goals, but to get bigger and find that man in me. Little did I know, this decision was going to captivate me and make me feel like I can become the person I’ve always wanted to become.

With 250 check-ins under my belt since January of 2021, I’ve done some math, which averages out to be 12 workout days per month or 3 days per week. This may seem easy or difficult to some, but the transformation it’s given me has been the ultimate reward. For those who think this is difficult, STOP. Take it one day at a time and have a goal in the back of your mind. Understand your “why”. And guys, if it's for the ladies, I promise, you will not reach your goal. There is nobody in the world t

hat can influence you to reach your goals, rather you have to dig deep and find the motivation within. The grind gets tough, believe me, but once you start seeing results and you can smell your goal, the grind becomes your addiction. It took me about 3 months to start seeing results and by that time lifting became the only thing on my mind. Lifting became a part of me. If I missed a day or a week, I would find myself getting depressed again and that demon would come back. It took me many missed weeks to recognize the patterns that affected my mental state. I guess this just made my goals easier and easier to reach.

A huge hurdle that individuals like myself may think is difficult to overcome is finding the time to workout. I’m too busy, I have to work, there’s a party this weekend, or I don’t feel comfortable working out. Like I said, take it one step at a time. These are fears coming to the surface and you need to bury them through hard work. We’re human, we're always busy trying to keep up with the ongoing events around us, but when you find your stride, you will make time for the gym. There is no planning, you need to start “doing”.

Throughout my experience, I have had some hardships that have slowed my pursuit down. What I’ve learned is that persistence is key. In January 2022, I broke my finger, smashing the damn thing between some dumbbells doing chest press. Currently, I’m battling some shoulder pain. I’ve learned to listen to your body, overworking is not good and you need time to rest. During this time, do some light workouts, hit the sauna, maybe run on the treadmill or go for a walk. These things are critical in building the temple you deserve. And please do not confuse this with taking a day off. Although days off are necessary, make sure you are in continuous pursuit of your goal.

I will be back with another blog when I hit day 300. If you found this blog motivating, intriguing, helpful or have any advice, please share.

Yours Truly,

Gior Dior


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